Capacity building initiative Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) is putting an emphasis on its involvement in South East Africa. 250,000 people in Mozambique will benefit from the charity organization’s commercial support that will be accrued by 75,000 cotton peasants and their families. Locally, the organization is cooperating with the cotton society Plexus Mozambique along with the umbrella initiative Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF). It is predicted that this season's Mozambique harvest will yield about 13,325 tons of gin cotton.

Christoph Kaut, the managing director of the foundation who is responsible for its development policy, stated: “Our target is to fight poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. The small farmers’ and their families’ work helps 2.6 million people. Over the year, we will be able to produce 160,000 tons of gin cotton. In this way, about 15% of the overall cotton production in the entirety of sub-Saharan Africa is cultivated according to CmiA standards.“

After Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Malawi and Sambia, Mozambique is the sixth country where the CmiA project is being conducted. 80% of the population in Mozambique works in agriculture. Aside from cotton, cashew nuts, sugar, shrimps and crawfish make up the most important farming goods. Despite Mozambique’s economic growth, the country still ranks among the poorest countries in the world according to the Human Development Index, which is the United Nation’s wealth indicator.