Sustainability, as one driver of business growth, was the primary topic of the European conference that was organized by the Cotton Council International (CCI) in Budapest that brought together ambassadors of the European apparel and textiles market. Speakers agreed that sustainability ought to become a part of their company’s strategy, with management ensuring that sustainability be included in every step of the supply chain. In the effort to achieve sustainability, partnerships within the supply chain will also become more important. For Third World countries, that might suggest companies taking a greater role in educating employees to help bring forward potentially costly certification of products. The conference concluded with the idea that sustainability is an organic concept. “Sustainability doesn’t mean a static concept or a clearly defined term. There are many ways how to achieve it,” said Allen A. Terhaar, Executive Director, CCI. “The most important thing is that we give our best to achieve sustainable concepts in every area of life – in all our daily lives and in our business.”

—Melanie Gropler