Teen brand developer and manufacturer Cosmic Debris (www.cosmicdebris.com) is planning to focus a whole lot more on its Emily the Strange and Oopsy Daisy brands. The Oakland-based company sold its Yum Pop and Bon Bon brands in November to New York-based Fashion Accessory Bazaar (FAB), a small but growing supplier in the pillow and throw business that has recently branched out into other categories and products including apparel.

The sale is a first for the privately held company, which was founded in 1992. But according to representatives, the opportunity was far too good to pass up. "We strongly believe that Emily and Oopsy have a large amount of undeveloped potential that will be uncovered with our decision," said Cosmic Debris' CEO and co-founder Rob Reger who also added that the company plans to develop and take the brands to the next level in years to come.

Known for its ghoulish Emily character with long black hair and bangs, the Emily the Strange brand has been the cornerstone of Cosmic Debris for the past 10 years and offers apparel, accessories and books to teen and tween girls. Yum Pop and Bon Bon offer similar products and are also based on cutesy cartoon characters.

Joselle Yokogawa, Features Editor