CLASS, the global network of showrooms in Milan, London and New York designed to support and promote environmentally better products for fashion, the home and design, will be the official supplier of eco-innovative fabrics and products for the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

The event, which coincides on Dec. 9 with the COP 15 United Nations Climate Change Conference, is supported by the Nordic Fashion Association.

The Fashion Summit will be held at the famous Copenhagen Opera House and will include a sustainable design competition between 20 young designers from various Nordic countries and a catwalk show featuring their collections. The winner will be announced during the Fashion Summit where an international panel of judges will vote on the best collection to receive this prestigious design award.

The 20 Nordic designers hail from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, and have been using innovative eco-sustainable fabrics all supplied by the manufacturing companies that are international partners of the CLASS global network. The majority of manufacturers are well-known Italian textile producers such as Italdenim SPA, Euromaglia SRL, Molteni Tessuti SRL.

On the same day (Dec. 9) a special installation of 27 fabrics will be exhibited at the Copenhagen Opera House. The show will be divided into three lifestyle categories represented by the CLASS network: Naturals and Organics, Repurposed and Recycled, and Innovative Renewables. Together, these materials demonstrate a meaningful expression of the unique synergy between creativity, innovation and the environment that all combine to make beautiful, innovative and high performance fabrics designed for today’s fashion, but with that added dimension and value. The exhibition will also feature two special design/lifestyle items made with eco-sustainable materials: bags made with recycled seat belts by Italian designer Paolo Ferrari and a motorbike helmet covered in a naturally farmed mother-of-pearl by Superlativa for the Italian company Fashion Helmet.

Following the Fashion Summit, the entire exhibition will travel to one of the City Hall Square Pavilions in the heart of the Danish capital and will be open to the public on Dec. 10 from 12-8 pm.

—Regina Henkel