Comptoir des Cotonniers is launching a music album to be sold through its own monobrand stores and specialized music stores such as Virgin, Fanc and Starter Music starting October 3, 2011. ‘Comptoir turns up the volume’ is a compilation album that brings together different young musical talents and new up-and- coming names from independent music labels, which have accompanied the Comptoir seasonal fashion shows with their live performances.

Last May, the French company launched two competitions - one focused on music, the other one on graphic design - with the aim to find new artistic talents and launch their compilation project. Winners were Annette and Mathi, with their best single track “Chanson d’amour à la batterie" and Sylvain Cotte, alias Slip, for the best album cover design. A ‘special jury’ prize was also awarded to Mio Myo for the track ‘Bioluminescence’ which will be included as a bonus track in the digital version of the album. The cd will include around twenty tracks by artists who have performed live for the brand's previous seasonal fashion shows such as, for instance, Charlie Winston, Gush, Hey My My, Pony Run Run, The Chase, The Do, The Tellers.

Proceeds from the Comptoir album will be donated to W4, Women’s Worlwide Web, which supports girls’ and women’s empowerment around the world, through education, microfinance, mentoring and social networking. Women’s Worldwide Web raises funds and garners support for 14 small-to-medium-sized grassroots NGOs or MFIs in both developing and developed countries.

The music album will be available in France, Belgium, Great Britain, Japan, Spain, Germany, USA, Italy, Portugal, Luxemburg, Switzerland.