BPMW (bpmw-agency.com), the leading New York based press and sales agency, is to extend its growing portfolio with the launch of Compass (compassshow.com), a dedicated men’s footwear show that will run concurrently with WSA in Las Vegas, beginning this July.

The show, which organizers are touting as “the new direction” will embrace the emergent new generation of contemporary, directional footwear and aims to “ride the wave of the shoe revolution driven by a creative force that is at once youth-minded and highly sophisticated”.

BPMW is also the founder of the hit trade show (capsule) in NY, and looks likely to emulate the success with this second venture, enticing the most forward-minded and influential labels, press and buyers to the fold. Brands already confirmed for inclusion include Creative Recreation, Sperry, Spring Court, Double Identity, 3:33 and Gourmet. The show will be held 28-29 July, and take place at the Alexis Park Hotel.