Italian department store chain Coin ( is spearheading its new store concept and ready to take it’s ideas worldwide, as announced by Stefano Beraldo, CEO of Coin Group, during the recent inauguration of its redesigned Coin store in Milan’s Piazza Cinque Giornate.

Integral to the whole re-launch of Coin is to focus less on private labels as in the past, and more on brands. From a 50-50 ratio between private labels and brands, by 2010 the group wants to subsist 85% of branded products. The Milan pilot covers over 7,200 sq. meter and carries on its 1,500 sq.meter facade with 1,200 LEDS on show that present information on the store, news broadcasts and other information. Products on sale include home decor, beauty products, accessories, sportswear, men’s and women’s fashion and food, technology, and the store features a lounge bar, restaurant and beauty spa.

“We can offer a selection of the best on the market. For this our concept is appreciated also abroad,” explained Francesco Sama, sales director of Coin. “And since we can present all this in relatively small spaces the best of what big departments stores show usually present on bigger spaces, our concept is sellable internationally. The first openings outside of Italy are expected by October 2008.” Coin closed 2006 with a 350 million Euro turnover earned from 120,000 sq.meter of selling space equivalent to 63 stores in Italy.

Photo: a view of the newly inaugurated Coin store in Milan.