Aviation-inspired contemporary men’s and women’s collection Cockpit USA is hosting a party at its standalone store on 652 Broadway in New York on Saturday afternoon at 4:30 pm to celebrate the release of ”The Warbird Pinup Girls 2011 Calendar.”

Featuring a dozen female models re-creating WWII-era looks of such famous pinup icons as Betty Grable and Maria Montez, the calendar was created and shot by photographer Christian Kieffer. Each “model of the month” is shown posing next to an historic (and working) aircraft that is part of the collection of the nonprofit American Airpower Museum on Long Island, which was founded by Cockpit USA brand owner and founder Jeff Clyman, the original owner-founder of the Avirex brand.

Retired veteran volunteers run the museum, which features such iconic planes as the Cosair, Thunderbolt and P-40.

The calendar’s models, many of whom wore Cockpit clothing in their photos, will be on hand to autograph their pictures at the in-store event.

Kieffer will donate 20% of all sales of the calendar to the aviation museum.

—Christopher Blomquist