Austria-based CMH Consulting, Management und Handel GmbH, has anounced that it is new licensee of the Italian shoe brand Superga in Germany and Austria. The marketing of the brand is being handled by Adventure Modeagentur GmbH for Munich and Agentur Christian Teufl for Austria.
The changes include a reoriented brand strategy. Superga should be further strengthened and positioned in the German and Austrian market. For the future they are focusing on collaborations with other brands or exclusive collections for large retailers as well as strategic partnerships with selected retailers to strengthen the trade. At the beginning of December 2013, CMH Consulting plan to launch online shops in both countries.
Philipp Castien, Adventure Modeagentur GmbH, comments:
“We appreciate Superga as a new addition to our portfolio. The Italian enjoyment of life, the unerring style and the lightness cannot be better expressed than through Superga. Model 2750 came on the market in 1925 and still is one of the favourites of the customers – the cult character makes working for the brand extremely interesting and exciting”.
In July 2013 the Adventure Modeagentur GmbH and Superga will be at Bread & Butter in Berlin.