German fashion brand Clemens en August has found a unique way to seek out their customers. Instead of going the usual route through retailers, it decided to find them by touring different towns and doing sales events at art galleries and museums. The brand’s S/S collection is currently on tour.

Founder Alexander Brenninkmeijer says he started this concept in 2005 out of necessity. “We realized that our friends very much liked our collection, but it was too expensive in retail for them to buy. So we decided to go directly to our customers,” said Brenninkmeijer. Prior to founding his label, Brenninkmeijer had been working together with designer Kostas Murkudis and learned just how difficult and narrow the market is for designerwear.

Clemens en August develops two collections a year for men and women. Production is done in Austria and Hungary during a period that is close to the selling season. By doing this, the collection can incorporate new trends easily; the production companies also have the capacity to work for a small brand.

Clemens en August spends no more than three days in each of the international cities it visits each season; customers may purchase the collection online subsequently, though Brenninkmeijer clarifies that “the Internet shop is limited only to customers who have already been seeing us at a shopping event.” There, each person receives a personal code to shop online. Last month, Clemens en August was sold in ten cities. “There are more towns to follow,” says Brenninkmeijer. “I could imagine selling in 30 towns in a few years.”

Tour Dates for S/S 2009:

London, 20th Century Theatre, Apr. 2-4
Zurich, Galerie Eva Pesenhuber, Apr. 2-4
Tokyo, Eye of Gyre, Apr.15-19
Berlin, Sprüth Magers, Apr. 23-25
Dusseldorf, Felix Ringel Galerie, Apr. 23-25
Hamburg, Produzentengalerie, Apr. 23-25

—Regina Henkel