As recently announced (see our previous coverage here), Copenhagen is going to host a new menswear trade show organized by CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) at Forum –previous venue of the Gallery show- this winter season: CIFF Raven. Taking place from January 29 to February 1, CIFF Raven will offer 4800 sq. m. of exhibition space and showcase more than 100 menswear brands in a village of minimalistic bungalows. The show will also contain a projection room dedicated to visual art and film, a concept space featuring exclusive lifestyle products and a selection of Copenhagen’s cuisine.

Kristian Andersen, CIFF fashion and design director: “At other trade shows brands come together to compete, but at Raven they will come together to create a menswear community, establishing Copenhagen as a leader in the global menswear market.”

CIFF Raven will be art directed and curated by creative directors Pierre Tzenkoff and Arnaud Vanraet. Amongst the confirmed exhibiting brands are Paraboot, Karl Lagerfeld, Holzweiler, Art Comes First, ETQ – Amsterdam, Martin Asbjorn Bjerre, L’homme Rouge and Eric Bjerkesjö.