Soon Chinese fashion victims will merely have to turn on their televisions to get the latest news and information in global style. The country’s first fashion-oriented pay digital TV channel, "Liangzhuang", or "Beautification", is set to launch on New Year’s Day 2004.

The channel, which will focus on fashion, health and beauty, and etiquette, has already signed agreements with 12 Chinese and international TV channels, including France’s "Fashion TV" according to its head of preparations, Xu Chengyong.

Planned programs for the new channel include news, special reports, interactive programs and beauty- and fashion-focused dramas.

The new station’s headquarters are in Jiangsu Province in east China.

The Chinese government, which is overhauling the country’s television industry by encouraging the development of pay TV channels, expects that the channel will eventually attract 30 million viewers.

(From China Daily)