This season, casual sportswear brand Chevignon ( is focusing on its new positioning by developing its image and giving a new evolution to the collection. Chevignon has decided to segment the collection in order to enlarge and diversify its market by introducing a new line to create two well-marked collections.

The first line, LEGEND, stays close to the original and maintains the sportswear aspects that the brand has put forward for many seasons. This particular season, it focuses on workers outfit’s details such as patches of different fabrics, rivets, pockets and topstitching.

Materials are raw, denim bonded with poplin or corduroy and colours recall the worker’s outfit: indigo, dark purple, blues, grey “plomb”, sometimes combined in stripes or checks. Artworks focus on number “57” and Chevignon stamps.

The second and new line, CHEVIGNON UNLIMITED, is a natural extension evolving towards an elegant casualwear version of the brand. It puts forward about 60 urban and contemporary pieces.

Refined and simple, the line offers quality fabrics and fitted cuts, with a colour range more rarely developed within previous collections, such as black or charcoal grey. Suits-style design and tailored details are revised and treated, deconstructed and reinterpreted within the brand’s core values. Pieces include tailored jackets, oxford shirts, cashmere sweatesr and leather bags.

Photo: A look from Chevignon Unlimited