Cheap Monday, the Swedish jeans and fashion brand, opens its first store in the UK. On August 15, the company will open a concession store at Selfridges in London. The store will be located on the menswear department on the 1st floor of Selfridges, Oxford Street, and has an area of 70sqm. The range will consist of Cheap Monday’s menswear collection, jeans, also unisex models, and accessories.

“Our Cheap Monday store in Copenhagen is doing very well and we have also established a number of shop-in-shops around the world. Now it’s time for our first concession store and to make this debut at Selfridges is fantastic. The store will be an important platform for the collection and concept, both in the UK and internationally,” says Cheap Monday’s COO Håkan Ström. Ann-Sofie Back, Creative Director, adds: “It’s great that Cheap Monday is expanding further in the ever important UK market.”

The retail space will be transformed into a complete Cheap Monday environment, dominated by raw and basic materials such as chain link fencing and broken particle boards, designed by Swedish architect and design company, uglycute, who also designed the Cheap Monday store in Copenhagen and the headquarters in Stockholm.

Cheap Monday is available in 38 markets and about 1,800 stores worldwide. The company is part of Weekday Brands AB, a subsidiary in the group of Fabric Scandinavien AB, owned by Swedish fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz.