Cotton Council International (CCI), the National Cotton Council of America, Cotton Incorporated and Cotton Australia have founded the Cotton Leads™ program to promote awareness of the responsible cotton production practices undertaken in the United States and Australia. Combined, Australia and the United States account for roughly 17% of global cotton production.

Cotton Leads assures retailers, brands and textile manufacturers seeking transparency in their supply chain that their partners can easily source reliable and responsible raw materials. Comprehensive tracking and identification systems are already in place throughout the cotton production supply chain in both Australia and the United States.

Cotton Leads’ founding members and signatories are committed to five core principles – commitment, recognition, understanding, belief and confidence – as the foundation for an effective program that fosters the ability of supply chain entities to meet the world’s demand for responsibly produced cotton.

The U.S. cotton industry recognizes that sustainability requires a commitment to continual improvement, and its participation in Cotton Leads demonstrates this dedication to responsible production.