According to Cotton Council International the ICAC (International Cotton Advisory Committee) expects the worldwide cotton consumption to slightly increase by 1.5% to 24.7% million tons in 2011/12. In this process, China, India and Pakistan are the strongest growth generators when it comes to consumption. This development is supported by an increased availability of cotton, but is also being slowed down by the still relatively high cotton prices and the competition to chemical fibers.

Moreover, according to ICAC, the development of the global cotton production is estimated to grow by 8% in 2011/12. With 26.9 million tons this would be the largest cotton crop since 2004/05. The increase of cotton production is primarily generated by crop increases in China, India, Pakistan, Australia and Turkey. China’s production is estimated to be 7.2 million tons (+13%), followed by India with 6.0 million tons (+9%), Pakistan with 2.3 million tons (+19%), Australia with 1.1 million tons (+23%) and Turkey with 641,000 tons (+42%).

As a result of the expected cotton surplus of 2.2 million tons, in 2011/12 one can expect a global final stock of 11.2 million tons (+24%).

The ICAC is an association of governments of cotton producing and consuming countries.