German CBR Fashion Group has taken over 22 stores of its franchise partners Christian Caesar and Axel Vosschulte (“Store Concept”) to run them independently, effective April 1, 2014.
Amongst these stores are 17 Street One stores, three Cecil stores and two United stores, all located in South-West and East Germany.

CBR used to operate as a wholesaler only and took over the first franchise stores in February 2013. Succeeding the latest takeover, the Celle-based enterprise now runs 58 standalone stores single-handedly.
Christoph Rosa, CEO of the CBR Fashion Group: “We see own retail as an important segment to further strengthen our brand building, to built up on the critical advantage of being fast and to come closer to our customers. However, we still believe in our ‘partner-first’ mission […].  Insights from the retail area are very important for us to further push multi-channel projects.”

Founded in 1980, CBR Fashion Group, with its brands Street One and Cecil, is amongst Germany’s largest fashion enterprises.