Paris men’s market week has a new attraction.

The NYC-based premium progressive menswear and streetwear collections show (capsule) will debut in the French capital on June 26 and run for three days at L’Hotel de Liberal Bruant in the Marais.

Brands expected to attend include April 77, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Garb Store, Hope, Nom de Guerre, Our Legacy, Penfield, Public School and Simon Miller Jeans.

Launched two seasons ago by BPMW, the hip bi-coastal branding agency, (capsule) began as a show dedicated to the crème de la crème of contemporary sportswear brands. BPMW is hoping to infuse Paris’ spring 2009 season with (capsule)’s youthful spirit and global-minded outlook.

(capsule) paris, June 26-28, 2008, Hotel Liberal Bruant, 1 rue de la Perle, Paris