Canatiba, Brazilian denim and flat fabrics manufacturer, is ready to expand in the European market. The company will operate closely with European companies thanks to a new Swiss subsidiary that was opened in August 2011 in Morges, a region between Geneva and Lausanne, and is offering a new collection of about 45 fabrics (30 denims and 15 flat fabrics) that will add to the Brazilian collection made up of about 300 articles.

The new Swiss division of Canatiba will manage expansion in Europe, North Africa and Middle East and has already started working with Spain, France, Morocco, Tunisia and Italy. The company is managed by André Dornelles (39), who spent eight years at Vicunha where he became right hand of Thomas Disslich, CEO of Vicunha Europe.

The denim specialist based near Sao Paulo was founded in the 1960s and is now working with top Brazilian premium jeans brands. Its yearly productive capacity is about 100 million meters and in about a year and a half it will operate through a second mill, located near Sao Paulo that will increase the company's productive capacity to 40 more million meters per year.