Campus by Marc O’Polo has opened its first store in Hamburg, Germany. Open since the beginning of March, the brand’s fourth store is located in the upcoming quarter of St. Georg. Nestled between small specialty boutiques and chic bars, Campus is the first monobrand store in the neighborhood. Targeted at a younger target group than its parent company Marc O’Polo, the 150-sq.-meter store offers a unique store design with a loungy, retro feel — old bookshelves, record players, vintage clothing and furniture lend a cosy atmosphere. The CI colors, dark blue and gold, are visible throughout the entire store, while spotlit areas offer a dramatic contrast. Fixed-gear bikes on the wall, especially made for Campus, lend another hint to the brand’s target customer. Established in 2006, Campus by Marc O’Polo remains a separate division from Marc O’Polo in Stephanskirchen, Germany.

—Regina Henkel