On occasion of its 100th anniversary in Germany, tonight, retail chain C&A will install a large-scale 3D projection on the 1,500sqm-façade of the Berolinahaus at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. The animated 3D film will be the biggest of its kind in the capital and is going to be screened each night from November 3-5 between 6 and 10pm.

‘Berlin PROJECTion’, as the venture is called, has been developed by production company BackYardPilots. According to C&A, the film presents a three-dimensional time travel through fashion history using innovative special effects which optically let the building’s façade disappear. Oliver Fuchs, Director at BackYardPilots: “Berlin PROJECTion is more than just a movie. It’s a project where art, culture and technology come together to tell a unique story everybody can relate to and has their personal associations and memories.“

One hour after its first release, the projection will also be available online on www.cunda.de/berlinprojection.

In 1911, C&A opened its first German store on Berlin’s Königsstrasse 1, which is located just around the corner of the 3D projection’s spot at Berolinahaus. The retailer currently operates 22 branches within Berlin and about 500 stores nationwide.