With the realization of “Buy Good Stuff” students of the AMD (Academy of Fashion and Design) Düsseldorf, Germany, developed a shopping guide that is meant to help customers find alternatives to mass-produced clothing in the city of Düsseldorf.

Veganism, environmental protection and sustainability are topics that have become more and more important nowadays. With “Buy Good Stuff” Düsseldorf, Germany, now gets its first own guide for fair and ecological fashion.

The guide offers store- and designer portraits, a variety of interviews, as well as official seal definitions, product tests and a broad store index. The store index features over sixty stores and helps the reader to easily identify where to buy fair produced clothes and accessories. In addition the guide holds a ten page photo spread with clothes from stores mentioned in the guide.

The guide, that covers one hundred pages, will be launched this September and will be available in selected stores all over Düsseldorf free of cost. There will also be an e-book that can be downloaded for free.