Brownie and Blondie has announced the opening of its very first pop-up store in Paris. Located at the Galeire Charlot at 47, Rue Charlot, the store will open on the 29 October at 2pm and will close on 31 October at 11pm. After that, the store will travel on a roadshow and will open its doors also in Lyon, Lausanne and Berlin.

Brownie and Blondie launched in 2011 as a personal project of Fabrice Couturier. Through his experience of living between the two cities of Paris and Berlin, Couturier has extracted the essence and core characters of these cities and has poetically infused them into his label; Paris - rich and luxurious with a conscious of its heritage and Berlin, a city that does not stop renewing and reinterpreting itself. Prices ranges from 45 € for a T-shirt to 890 € for a luxurious virgin wool double breasted coat.

"I wanted to create a new shopping experience for Brownie and Blondie, through utilising the gallery in the Marais, Paris, the le Mama Shelter hotel in Lyon and the Mini Showroom in Lausanne. I want to show new and innovative sales possibilities and explain the concept of B & B". The pop-up stores will offer a 24 hour shopping experience.