Milanese multibrand store Brian&Barry will reopen its store according to a new store concept by end November 2013.

The new “Brian&Barry Building” concept store will be located in Via Durini at the corner of Via Borgogna and will occupy 12 floors. The megastore will host a series of different high-end products and services in different sectors such as food and catering, apparel, home decor, jewellery, cosmetics and watches. The aim of the redesign of the store is to become a must-go shopping and fun destination for the Italian and - especially - the international clientele.

Not all partners are confirmed yet. Among the brands to be hosted is Ecliss Milano for home decor and a food area by Eataly. On the first floor Sephora will present an innovative perfumery store concept; the second floor will host watches and jewellery. Four floors will be dedicated to apparel: the fifth and sixth floors will host womenswear, and the seventh and eighth will host menswear. The four remaining floors (third, fourth, ninth and tenth floors) will host different restaurants, including the famous restaurant Asola/Cucina Sartoriale managed by chef Matteo Torretta and a lounge bar on the terrace.

Carlo Zaccardi, who owns the BBB group with his brothers Claudio and Roberto, explained they have ambitious projects for their store and that they have received a €100 million investment by financial partners Intesa Sanpaolo and Unicredit. The BBB Group registered €140 million sales by end 2012. The building is owned by a retail estate company belonging to the Zaccardi family. The restructuring and enlarging of the store was designed by architecture studio C&P Architetti di San Donà di Piave. The store previously occupied 1,500 sq.meters on three levels and generated €15 million profit per year. The new store is expected to register sales of around €50 million by the end of the first year of activities.

"We are betting on excellence; offering what is best in terms of different product categories, uniqueness and democracy," comments Zaccardi. “The building will be visited by people of different nations, spending power and interests. For apparel we will focus on research brands. Moreover, the store will stay open until late - stores until 10 pm and restaurants until late, seven days a week."

"Our previous Brian&Barry store received 40% foreign clients, of which 25% were from extra-UE countries. We would like to increase this ratio by presenting this building to foreign tour operators and turning it into a destination for Russian, Chinese, and Middle-Eastern visitors." The store will also generate more jobs since it will grow from the present 30 employees to a total of 200 people.