Milan multi-brand fashion store Brian&Barry has just opened a new Temporary Store in Via Borgogna 8, which focuses on men’s classic apparel and sportswear.

The historical three-floor 1500 sq. metre boutique based in Milan city centre in Via Durini 28, which we reported in our Retailer of the Week on-line column is actually getting ready for new redesign projects. Therefore, the store's menswear and sportswear collections will be moved temporarily inside the 100 sq. metre nearby nw pop-up store. The women's formal apparel and sportswear will continue to be sold inside the flagship store.

In January 2013 Andrea Galbiati, Buyer, Brian&Barry, mentioned the idea that the store might soon change part of its concept. In our Special Pitti News issue he explained that a food corner or dedicated area might be part of a soon-to-be announced new store concept: "Inspiration for new ideas in our stores can come from different worlds... We are actually thinking of enlarging the offer of our stores with the aim to reach a wider clientele and food will be one of our next new entries."

The 1,500 sq. metre flagship store offers a huge selection of men’s and women’s brands such as Edwin, Roy Rogers, Sun 68, Woolrich, Moncler, Up To Be, and Victorinox. Tailor-made menswear is also featured, along with accessories, footwear, technological items and gadgets. The store is part of a large Italian group (Herman Srl and BBB-Boggi Group Spa) that, founded in 1944, is now comprised of 120 stores that operate under different insignias, such as: 100 Boggi stores (also facing a gradual face-lift), ten Brian&Barry shops and nine Double B locations. The menswear stores are mostly based in Italy, France, the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, the Middle East and India.

The redesigned store in Via Durini could be inaugurated approximately by October 2013.
The inside of the store
The inside of the store