From 12 September 2014, The Brian&Barry Building store in Milan will take a new direction. The store won’t be facing a recreation, but major new elements will be added to the building after the recent redesign in March 2014. The new area aims to address a generally younger clientele with its new name “Gallery Experience”, and with a related iconic number “12” referring to the building’s 12 levels, aiming for a stronger appeal with a series of initiatives.

“From now on we want to focus on two specific elements which are very peculiar to us, unique and better enabling us to tell stories no one else can tell in this city,” comments Cristiano De Lillo, store manager, The Brian&Barry Building. “The store’s building name will remain the same though we want to identify ourselves more and more with the idea of experience - which is key today more than simply with the idea of shopping by brands. For this we will be changing our ground floor and transform it into a space which no longer has the traditional shop windows – in fact the idea of shop windows is obsolete. The shop window will be rather working as a frame. We will change the layout of this floor by displaying floor-to-ceiling glass shelves that display striking products. Moreover we will host temporarily different brands that can recall consumers and invite them entering inside the store in order to enjoy different experiences.”

This new store’s area will be addressed as Gallery Experience tied to the store’s specific “Vertical Experience” own identity. A special emphasis will also be given to the number 12 since the store has 12 levels (ten upper floors, an underground level and a ground floor). Continues De Lillo: “We want to start playing with many different stories that can be tied to this idea of inviting visitors, live always new experiences inside it and play with the number 12 which will debut from 12 September with an iconic event, but can continue most differently playing with the 12 months of the year, the 12 signs of the zodiac, the 12 colors, and with many others ideas...”

The first event that will be hosted inside the store will be the launch event for the launch of G-Star Raw for the Ocean designed by Pharrell Williams. It will take place on 12 September 2014. “We will be the first to sell this capsule collection in Milan and later will move it and continue selling it on our 8th floor which is dedicated to upper casual and younger targets.“ Future events will include other pop-up initiatives involving other cool street appeal luxury products. “For instance during Milan Fashion Week we will host a special Orciani bag the young will like. It is sort of a luxury jewel bag but very young in its appeal. It can be the perfect bag Pharrell William’s girlfriend would wear.”