As announced earlier this month on Berlin trade show Bread & Butter will open itself up to consumers. Today in Berlin in front of press and brand representatives BBB boss Karl-Heinz Müller unveiled his plans for what the July edition will look like. 

According to a new 5-day-schedule the first day (8 July) will be dedicated to the press, the following two days (9 & 10 July) "professional days" will address buyers and retailers, and the last two days (11 & 12 July) "public days" will be open to the public.

These dedicated days are not exclusively open to one target group only but allow press and professionals to visit the fair during all days, while consumers are only allowed to join during the last two public days. 

Consumers can purchase day passes for 25 Euros. For professionals the fee policy will remain as before: all professionals directly connected to the business at BBB will have free admission; all professionals that are not directly connected have to pay an entrance fee of 500 Euro.

"There will be no selling to consumers." Müller states very clearly as he wants to avoid direct competition with the retail business. But he leaves it open to the brands to show new collections or current ones to consumers during the public days. On top of this the BBB managing director will also feature music events and concerts during the public days.

For the exhibitors the booth price per square meter will rise slightly from 380 Euro/sqm per day to 400 Euro/sqm per day.

"Conventional trade shows are not enough any more," Müller says to explain his step. "Consumers give impulses today, they are the key, everybody wants them. Apart from that, public days are nothing new - big trade shows such as IAA in Frankfurt or Baselworld already do this." Müller sums up his new inclusive concept, addressing all members of the market, under the title "Global hub of modern lifestyle".

Feedback in the business varied so far. Müller: "I am not doing this to bring back the big brands to BBB, although there are some that have already told me they will re-consider. There were also negative comments, but all in all feedback was positive."

Asked about the plans of Berlin trade show Panorama to also establish a consumer day in July Müller stated: "I am not interested in what Panorama does. But I can say that not everybody is able to run an event like this that will attract consumers. And if you are not able to do so, it might be better to leave it. Is Panorama able? Well, we'll see."