As was just announced by the trade show, Bread & Butter will take place on its usual grounds in Berlin Tempelhof from July 2-4, 2015.
Karl-Heinz Müller has been encouraged by the positive feedback to his Back to the Street event during the last days. “Despite all turbulences, we were confronted with a wave of sympathy”, said Müller.

"The renting contract with Tempelhof is still valid. A cancellation by the landlord is currently not possible due to the protection measures of the insolvency enactment. Bread & Butter still has the grounds on disposal on a long term“, explained Christian Graf Brockdorff, current insolvency administrator.

Müller and his team are currently reworking their concept and want to stick to their self named ‘fun & profit’ concept, which is about giving brands a desirability rather than complying with needs.
Important cornerstones shall be an earlier date with differnet weekdays (Thursday until Sunday), a clear clustering by target groups, a ‘design & agents‘ area for distribution agencys, the enabling of a lower exhibition price per sqm, the segmentation into B2B and B2C areas, large-scale evening events such as parties or concerts and the integration of further lifestyle brands from outside of fashion.

According to Graf Brockdorff, the necessary financial means have already been provided by investors. “My aim is a rehabilitation of the trade show”, he said.