After the cancellation of its planned edition in January 2015, trade show organizer Bread & Butter filed for bankruptcy with the district court of Berlin-Charlottenburg yesterday (December 16, 2014).

For the time being, the Potsdam-based lawyer Christian Graf Brockdorff of BBL Bernsau Brockhoff has been named as insolvency administrator. He now has to look into a possible restoration of the company.

"Many will understand how painful taking this step was for me. But due to legal obligations, I had no other choice. After the cancellation of our January event, we received an unexpected wave of encouragement and support. Therefore we are working on an alternative concept for January 2015 already: "Bread & Butter – Back to the Street", for those who are willing to dare taking the next step with us and who can still react on such short notice.“, said Karl-Heinz Müller, founder and CEO of Bread & Butter, in a corporate press release entitled "The necessary step“.

The operative business of the two Bread & Butter related 14 oz. retail stores in Berlin and the respective web store shall continue as usual. 
Matthias Döllefeld, insolvency manager at BBL Bernsau Brockhoff, said: "We have been at the stores yesterday for two hours and took a careful look at everything. What I can state is that there will be no closing of the two stores, neither the 14 oz. store in Mitte nor the Cumberland House. Business will continue.”
He did not want to give any outlook on Bread & Butter’s scheduled Seoul edition.
His superior, Graf Brockdorff, explained: "My team and I will offer our greatest possible support to this Berlin flagship company, in order to secure the financial recovery and the continuation of the business. This includes the execution of the event in January 2015!“