Karl-Heinz Müller, Bread & Butter, CEO, invited the press for a relaxed get-together for the first time ever. "We can’t give the exact figures before the trade show is over," explained Müller. A critical point of discussion was the huge new Bestseller booth. “Times are changing and the fair has to look forward. We are looking for brands that fit our concept and we are working hard on our direction,” said Müller. “Bestseller was the right decision for us.” Müller stated he has no intention of inviting further vertical retailers such as Esprit, Street One or S. Oliver to the show.

Bestseller has attracted approximately 12,000 retail customers from all over the world, who are also potential visitors to Berlin. Regarding the international crisis, the fair has to present attractive concepts for exhibitors and retailers. Being more connected is the motto of the tradeshow. Müller said that he was happy with the first day and that the second day also began successfully. The new ticket regulation, whereby; sourcing companies, retail developers, PR companies, etc are required to pay 500 Euro for a ticket to the fair, has been helpful for Bread & Butter to be more selective as regards visitors. "We are providing a lot of services and benefits, and we are doing business,” said Müller. “People who do not really belong to our community have to pay. The trade show is dedicated for brands, retailers and press.” Regarding the next issue in January, Müller announced that he will include more events in Berlin and that all of next season’s changes will be decided next week.

“We are changing things every season. We are independent and we can do what we want. This also means that Bread & Butter can invite or dismiss brands. Bread & butter is following the market and can not keep hold of old-fashioned concepts. We have to follow the market.” Said Müller.