Bread & Butter takes a step towards the end consumer by relaunching its website. By beginning of November the fair's digital appearance shall be ready to feature what BBB's head Karl-Heinz Müller calls "the 2.0 version of the former trade show guide". Müller: "The website will not only be an information platform for buyers and industry members anymore, but parts of it will also address end consumers with an online magazine". On top the Brand Bible will be extended; information for fashion professionals will of course remain and be updated.

Connected to the website relaunch which was realized with Germany-based multi-media Parasol Island is a cross-media campaign that features the claim "Ich bin ein Berliner", referring to the famous John F. Kennedy quote, that will introduce people behind the brands and fashion industry, be it designers, models or bloggers. These will appear in the print campaign but also as part of the mentioned online magazine. Other than before the campaign does not relate to one theme anymore, but comes as a kind of never ending story by introducing these fresh faces.

Müller sees this extension of content as a result of the changing fashion environment: "Of course we will keep the consumer and the wholesale business separate, but also we as a trade show have to reach the consumer. Things have changed outside and you have to bring your message through to the consumer directly today".

In addition Müller sees the claim as a means to strengthen Berlin: "We clearly have to change something about Bread & Butter, but not the city! Berlin as base of streetwear and denim is better for Bread & Butter than any other location in the world," Müller points out to kill constant rumors about another move of the event to a different city.

Via social media activities and collabs with consumer magazines he wants to bring knowledge of the BBB website contents to the end consumers. "This can only happen step by step, but we will slowly penetrate the market to bring our message through", Müller says.