Music merchandise company Bravado is changing its organizational structure which leads to a release of their general manager, Uwe Scherer, who will leave the enterprise effective March 31, 2015.

Bravado will work closer together with its mother company Universal Music under the guidance of Frank Hohenböken, managing director sales at Universal Music. Most activities in the fashion retail field shall be overseen by a special fashion agency with the aim to establish Bravado’s own brands such as Sound Array better in the fashion market.

Hohenböken: “The new structure will give further drive to Bravado’s market standing. By working closer with our mother company, we will start to do the things that we already do well even better. And in the fields where we see the greatest development potential, we broaden our knowledge base via the co-work with external partners.”
Scherer has been with Bravado since February 2014. His predecessor Sven Hofmann left Bravado in August 2013 surprisingly after a three-week tenure.