Jil Sander has launched a capsule denim collection called “Fire made in Japan”.  The capsule’s name refers to its Japanese production site and the “Yakisugi” look of the denim pieces. Yakisugi is a traditional Japanese wood treatment giving the lumber a burnt look, which was recreated in the capsule by treating the items with an extremely resistant and long-lasting texture to achieve a dark glossy charcoal effect.

The color palette ranges from charcoal and black to a dark pink and the denim pieces are complemented by T-shirts with prints of mechanical creatures and roses, which are meant to add a twist to the clean silhouette. Both, men and women, can wear all of the collection’s pieces as it was designed to break gender boundaries.

At the moment, “Fire made in Japan” is sold exclusively online and in Jil Sander’s store in Milan, also limited to the period of only one month.