Boxpark, the mall-like union of containers hosting different pop-up shops ins London Shoreditch, has a Dubai based copycat. Meraas Holding LLC, a company widely reported to be owned by Dubai’s Ruler Sheik Mohammed, is planning on opening a Boxpark equivalent this month, even giving it the same name.

Boxpark’s lawyers have written to Meraas demanding that it immediately ceases and desists its use of the Boxpark name in connection with its proposed container retail development. Even though Boxpark UK is a registered trademark in the UK, Europe, US and internationally, Meraas applied for a Boxpark trademark in UAE (United Arab Emirates) and was granted the trademark in UAE, since it is not covered by the Madrid International Trademark System, and trademarks are registered locally in the UAE.

Roger Wade, CEO and founder of Boxpark says: “Dubai and Sheik Mohammed have developed an excellent business relationship with the UK. We are confident that Sheik Mohammed and the Dubai Government would not actively look to copy our established brand, and we are appealing to the Dubai Government and Sheik Mohammed to encourage Meraas to comply with our reasonable demands.”

To date Meraas has not complied with Boxpark’s request and still plans to open Boxpark Dubai. In the meantime Boxpark has released a video on their Youtube channel, in which Roger Wade explains the matter and his point of view. He also calls upon fans and proponents of Boxpark to share the video to Sheik Mohammed, so he and the Dubai government will hopefully take action and stop Meraas from copying Boxpark’s name.