During the November 2013 edition of Denim by PV, Bossa Denim & Sportswear launched its new sustainable platform, Bossa Cares.
The Turkish denim specialist is already familiar with eco-friendly topics since it launched its ecological collection, Reset, in 2006. This selection of products started by offering fabrics made with organic cotton and ecological dyes according to chemical-free production standards.
From 2013 Bossa has widened its scope and launched Bossa Cares, a new industrial approach aimed at offering products that are completely sustainable throughout their whole lifecycle – inside and outside the company’s productive cycle. The overall offer includes different product families such as Reemain, R-Pet and Re-Set.
With Reemain the company aims to move toward a zero carbon manufacturing, by re-using CO2 emissions. R-Pet is a product platform that employs 100% recycled materials by using fibres obtained from recycled PET bottles and recycled cotton fibres. Re-Set was launched in 2006 and has since evolved to now incorporate organic cotton, recycled fibres, BCI cotton, made in Africa cotton and GMO-free Turkish cotton.