Bluezone, the specialized denim trade show happening in Munich on 1 and 2 September 2015, is getting ready for kickoff, registering a record number of 80 exhibitors for the first time. Among newcomers will be Prosperity Textile, Kuroki, Azgard Nine, Advance Denim and Intex.

In addition to presenting international top denim manufacturers and finishers, this edition will also host denim-related fabrics such as, for instance, flats, corduroys, mill-washed fabrics and accessories.

The Zenith Hall hosting the Bluezone will turn into a sort of exoteric indigo laboratory combining high-tech, comfort and function with magic, sexiness and enchantment. For this edition the new concept of the show was devised by Monsieur T, German-French expert denim consultant.

Various special initiatives will characterize this new edition of the show: Tintes Egara, Spanish garment finishing company, will stage live performances of batik and dyeing processes in the outdoor area of the show and denim consultant Monsieur T will present the latest trends, innovations and directions. M&J garment manufacturer will present its ZenZero Polar new dyeing technology (Also see our previous report devised with the aim to save water and chemicals. In collaboration with Garmon Chemicals they will also launch a new eco-friendly denim capsule collection (also see....).

Berto is launching its new Micro&Macro capsule collection of fabrics characterized by different microstructures and new 3-D geometries. Turkish denim manufacturer Wdenim (also known as We Are Denim) will introduce a new collection that has been created in cooperation with Japan-based supplier Whoval that is located in the traditional manufacturing heartland of Kurashiki Kojima. Together they will present a new co-branded collection, Roots, offering a series of innovative fabrics – from rigid to superstretch - washed according to specific Japanese techniques.

As previously announced (also see our previous report here) the show's organization is working to realize an additional exhibition area adjacent to the “Kesselhaus”, which is located between the MOC and the Zenith Hall. It will be a new annex in a modern new building offering extra creative space for selected fabric and garment suppliers. In total, the area will add approximately 2,500 sq. meters to the exhibition space. The launch of this concept is planned once the construction works are finished that, according to the show's organization could be for the February 2016 edition of Munich Fabric Start.