For the upcoming Fall/Winter 15/16 season, German denim brand Blue Fire Co. celebrates its double anniversary with a new jeans edition called “35/10”.

The number 35/10 is explained by the foundation of the company Sejour Moden GmbH 35 years ago in Downtown, Los Angeles. Ten years later in 2005 the brand Blue Fire Co. was launched.
They will design a pair of jeans in heritage style created with the 360° stretch denim technology. The jeans intend to have a body shaping and push up effect with a strait leg and a low height of 20.5 cm.

The anniversary pants will be released as a limited edition of 615 individual jeans with decorative quilting seams and a “35/10” button which you can take off. They will cost 119.95 Euros and can be ordered from August 1 – August 31, 2015.