German shoe manufacturer Birkenstock has made public that the company is stepping into the global licensing business through a partnership with brand consultancy business trademark one AG. Regarding the announcement, Birkenstock CEO Oliver Reichert states: "This move comes at a time in which our healthy core business is in full swing and our brand is experiencing a very high worldwide popularity. Thereby grow as well the expectations that our customers place on us as a global brand."

This way, the German shoe producer aims to conquer new strategic business segments, markets and target groups. “For many of our customers, our brand is much more than just a synonym for healthy and convenient comfort shoes […] therefore it is logical that we expand our product offerings in these areas,” continues Reichert. In the line extension, the focus lies on four main themes: living and sleeping, work environment, feet plus running and lifestyle. The licensing partnerships are meant to be on long term basis.

Birkenstock is a family-owned business with a 240 year-old history. Nowadays, the company commercializes its products in more than 80 countries worldwide and the brand was chosen as “Brand of the Year” in the US in 2013.