The building frames for the Zoo Palast, Bikinihaus, Kleines Hochhaus and covered car park are now complete and work is now beginning on the facades and interiors of the buildings for Bikini Berlin.

The highlight of the architectural plan is a 7000sqm roof terrace that is situated in a two-floor building, which faces the Zoologischer Garten behind Bikinihaus. On the first floor, under the terrace there will be the Bikini Pool with a space of 3300sqm, where retail and pop-up shops will also be located. In Kleines Hochhaus, Hotel 25hours will cover 8800sqm.

Bikini Berlin will open step by step from autumn 2013. The first opening will be the cinema Kino Zoo Palast in October. After this Hotel 25hours in Kleines Hochhaus will open and along with it retail and gastronomy spaces. Stores and restaurants based in Bikinihaus will open in the first quarter of 2014.

A total 5200sqm space will be hired out to retailers such as Italian accessory label Ixos, Italian men label Naracamicie and young Swedish label Supermarket. The offer will be completed by other fashion and accessory stores, furniture stores, mini-Spa’s, libraries and electronics stores. The whole complex measures 90.000sqm. Start of construction of Bikini Berlin was in December 2012. From October 2012 until April 2013, there was a temporary shopping gallery of Bikini Berlin.