Online for seven years now, Le Blog de Betty is a popular fashion blog by Paris-based Betty Autier, a stylish young woman whose photographer boyfriend Mathieu Lebreton provides the images. We caught up with the couple and discussed their site in New York last week at the fall/winter 2014 presentation of Maison Jules, a Paris-inspired line produced by Macy’s department stores. It features Autier as the face of the brand for the season. Interview by Christopher Blomquist / Photos by Billy Farrell Agency

What is the history and background of Le Bog de Betty?
Betty Autier: I opened my website seven years ago in 2007. At the beginning it was just for fun and it became my activity and passion because I am very passionate. I grew up with this blog because I was a totally different person before. I was in acting school at the time.

How many readers do you have?
BA: 60,000 a day. I am French so I have a lot of readers from France and then I have lots of American people and lots of Brazilian people, too.

How often do you update the site?
BA: I try to do it three to five times a week but it is a lot of work.

Betty Autier runs her blog since 2007
Betty Autier runs her blog since 2007
How have you evolved since the blog launched?
BA: I think I was less interested in the fashion industry but through my blog I discovered lots of designers and cool brands and I became passionate about this industry. Now, for example, I am working with a big brand, Maison Jules, which is part of the Macy’s group. It is like a dream to represent the perfect French girl for this brand. It is my kind of style. The brand is affordable basics, but basics that can worn with vintage stuff and luxury bags.

Did you actually design any of the collection?
BA: No, I am the face of the campaign and totally in love with the collection. This is why we accepted. Matieu is the photographer and I am the model. We accepted because the collection was totally my style and my kind of clothes.

How would you describe the overall state of fashion at the moment?
Mathieu Lebreton: I think people care more about the quality. We saw a lot of behind-the-scenes stories about fast fashion and the factories in really poor countries. I think that people think more about when they buy something and what does it mean. Does it mean that a kid is making my product? People want quality and are willing to invest more money. But because of the crisis, people are more into timeless pieces than trendy ones. I think that the brands still have to be trendy but invest more into the quality. Certain brands cannot compete like they did before and they need to invest in real designers.

Has your personal fashion look changed since you launched the blog?
BA: It has changed because I try to introduce myself to brands and to shapes and quality of the clothes. It is very interesting. A lot of people think that fashion is very superficial but I don’t think so because if you go deeper it is like art. Now I am really interested about the history of a brand and the quality is really important. I pay more attention now about what I am wearing together. My style has changed because when you are a teenager and become a woman you have to change. It’s more of an evolution in a good way.

What would your advice be to young fashion bloggers who are just starting out?
BA: To not do what other bloggers are doing because that doesn’t make sense. Try to do something original. And you have to dare to take some risks.