Bershka continues to collaborate with promising young designers to give life to its window displays during the sales season. For a second consecutive season, the Spanish brand has launched a project aimed at transforming the storefront display windows of its flagship stores into platforms for showcasing the work of promising young designers working in industrial graphic design, fashion design, and related fields.

For this edition of the “Bershka Young Designers Project” the Spanish brand has selected German artist Jule Waibel, who is presenting one of her most characteristic works, an origami dress representing motion, geometry and the transformation of objects, all ideas based on some of fundamental Bauhaus design principles.

Jule Waibel’s work will be exhibited for three weeks at 24 flagship stores worldwide with a custom design for each city. The artist will take her inspiration from each of the cities where her origami dresses are to be presented.

This project aims at searching through all of the disciplines of design to find fresh ideas that are in line with the brand’s philosophy. One of the key principles of the project is the freedom Bershka gives designers by encouraging them to present the work that most interests them and sets them apart as artists.

As a result of this initiative, the brand is also launching a competition to reward its fans for their own designs. Participants must submit a photograph they’ve taken of their origami creation inspired by the designs of Jule Waibel.

The winner will be chosen by the artist herself on January 28 and given a €250 gift card. All details of the contest are available on the brand’s blog at BScene.