Tomorrow Berlin Fashion Week is going to be started. Several shows and events will turn the German capital into a big fashion circus. Additional to Bread & Butter, Premium, Panorama and Bright, visitor's will also find special interest platforms and many, many fashion shows around.


Seek has come of age: Buoyed by rising attendance, it has now moved beyond the fledgling stage. From July 2 to 4 at the Berlin Kühlhaus, Luckenwalder Strasse, around 80 progressive labels will be showcasing their men’s and women’s collections and accessories on over 2,000 square meters (21,527 square feet) on four levels. The brands mostly hail from the UK, Scandinavia, Japan, Germany and France and are presenting collections at booths with a clean and simple design made from all-natural materials. “We are working with brands which don’t simply make clothes but also have a certain mindset,” explains Olivier Saunders, who is creative director. Among the new exhibitors are brands such as Levit 02, Ma Poesie, Veja,

Caminando, One’s Stroke, Smith & Hardy, and Oriebar Brown. In the meantime, Seek has developed into one of the pioneering industry events, with its century-old industrial building site in the same district as the Premium and F95 The Fashion

Store. Buyers with a preference for non-conformist styles are expected to attend.

GREENshowroom & Ethical Fashion Show Berlin

GREENshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show both stand for pioneering brands whose ecology mindset and ethics go without saying. “More strongly than ever before, GREENshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin will decisively increase awareness about the importance of a sustainability zeitgeist among decision-makersin the textiles industry,” says Olaf Schmidt, Vice President Textiles & Textile Technologies at the Messe Frankfurt. “We will present an industry-savvy audience an attractive program of fantastic collections and the latest topics at the center of public discourse, such as production conditions which have recently been in the headlines.” While the GREENshowroom will be held at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin at Unter den Linden 77, the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin will showcase sustainable collections at its regular venue in the E-Werk at Wilhelmstraße 43 in Berlin-Mitte.

With 98 exhibitors at the last event, this time 110 are expected to be on hand from July 2 to 4. New exhibitors include the labels Think!, Hess Natur, Johanna Riplinger, Tudo Bom, Ethos Paris, Vingetorix, Sprout Watches, and Mud Jeans. A Newcomer section will also highlight up and coming designers. Other labels featured will include Elsien Gringhuis, See Me, Lanius, HempAge, Komodo, L'Herbe Rouge, Royalblush by Jana Keller, John W. Shoes, Grand Step Shoes, Harold’s, and Göttin des Glücks.

The Gallery

The Gallery is relocating. From July 2 to 4 the trade fair will be held for the first time at the Opernwerkstätten, a former factory for opera props in Berlin-Mitte. The site is directly next to the Naturkundemuseum subway station, only a few minutes’ walk from Nordbahnhof. The venue has 6,000 square meters (approx. 65,000 square feet) of space, or about three times more square footage than the previous location at Café Moskau. “The new site allows us to expand in the Berlin fashion scene. We will introduce new segments as well as present more national and international brands," says Elke Sautter, project manager for The Gallery Berlin.

Between 30 to 40 percent more exhibitors will be on hand at the new location with a total of about 150 collections. First-time exhibitors will include Aurea Vita, Bedacht, K & Us, Kamuflage, Lazlo, Lieblingsstükke, Linea Raffaelli, Lo Spaventapasseri, Martine Samoun, Perlart, Sara Lux, Shepard’s, UVR Connected, Vivoart-Design, and Bonny & Kleid. Labels regularly exhibiting include Beate Heymann, Catherine Andre, Gudrun Grenz, Nör Denmark, Sarah Pacini, Sylvia Heise, and Trine Kryger Simonsen