French designer Serge Bensimon is opening a new concept store in Paris inside the Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe luxury hotel in Paris.
The new store hosts fashion, home decor, a bookstore and an art gallery, all of which have been specially selected by the designer. It presents his vision of the art of living through a selection of cult objects and good design. All items highlight Bensimon’s desire for authenticity and simplicity. The new Concept Store Sofitel allows the traveller or the Parisian wanderer to pass by and bring back a memory from this location.
Before hosting Serge Bensimon, Sofitel has previously collaborated with other Parisian talents including Olivia Putman, José Da Rosa, Rami Mekdachi and Courrèges.
Store's address:
Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe
14, rue Beaujon - 75008 Paris