The Benetton Group shareholders’ meeting has just announced its new board of directors. Notably, leaving the board are all four company founders Luciano (father of Alessandro), Carlo, Gilberto and Giuliana Benetton.

The board continues to be chaired by Alessandro Benetton and Biagio Chiarolanza has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. A new generation of Benetton is now on the scene and the new directors are Christian Benetton (son of Carlo), Franca Bertagnin Benetton (daughter of Giuliana) and Sabrina Benetton (daughter of Gilberto). Also part of the board is Gianni Mion (former CEO of Edizioni Holding) and Sandro Saccardi who is also manager of Edizione Holding. Independent directors are Tommaso Baracco, Fabio Buttignon, Paolo Cavallo, Alfredo Malguzzi and Fabio Tamburini.