As already announced (read our previous coverage here) Benetton Group’s board of directors has decided to split its business according to three different areas - brand, manufacturing and real estate. These three divisions will be managed through three distinct specialised companies – all of which are part of Edizione Holding. This new business model will set up the future development of Benetton Group.

In terms of brand, Alessandro Benetton explained that the company will concentrate its activity on the company’s two main brands - United Colors of Benetton and Sisley. Other brands such as Playlife, Killer Loop, Jean’s West, among others, are facing the possibility of dismissal by the Group according to programs and strategies yet to be defined.

In terms of financial results the Group expects to maintain a stable turnover for the next three years, progressively compensating the abandoning of countries that are no longer strategic for the group. In the meantime the company closed 2013 with half of the debts compared with those registered in 2012. The group aims to maintain similar results for 2014.