Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2014, Bench has announced a new brand strategy. First, the UK brand has developed a new concept for its fall/winter 2014 collection called Multipurpose City Clothing. The line is part of its Multipurpose City Life range (functional everyday clothing) and Multipurpose City Performance range (active clothing).

“We simply refocused the brand, taking functional and performance technologies, features and constructions and re-appropriated them for everyday city use. We observed how today’s consumers increasingly wear performance clothing product for their everyday life. Bench formalized this process and at its heart is an iconic garment which represents functionality, performance and style: the hoody,” said a Bench spokesperson.

Moreover, Bench has developed a new international retail concept together with Brinkworth, one of leading creative retail design agencies in the UK with references such as All Saints, Converse, Diesel, Nike or Supreme. Brinkworth’s approach revolves around a unique bench enhancing recognition of the brand beyond its logo. This bench is used in-store as a device for defining focus products, window features but also notably as a part of shop-front design. Here it offers passers-by or customers a place to stop, rest and take advantage of free Wi-Fi in stores. The interior concept relies on utilitarian materials such as stained oriented strand board, galvanized steel and clean white powder-coated metal. A shrine to the hoody elevates this product to one of Bench’s definitive product staples.

The new retail concept will be used not only at stores but also within trade show booths and debuted at Bread & Butter Berlin last week.
In stores, the concept will be initially employed at Bench’s new monobrand store at the shopping mall in Leipziger Straße, Berlin, which is due to open in spring 2014.

Bench's new retail concept
Bench's new retail concept