Belstaff is partner of the documentary film The Greasy Hands Preachers, directed by Clement Beauvais and Arthur De Kersauson, which premiered on Friday 26th September at the recently held 62nd San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain.

Shot entirely in Super-16mm, the film explores the passions and travails of the custom-made motorcycle culture. The Greasy Hands Preachers is a thoughtful tribute to the pleasure of trial and accomplishment achieved with one’s own hands.

The film’s protagonists share generosity of spirit and a sense of community, proving that building a motorcycle is not merely a mechanical process, but the affirmation of one’s inner being. A motto that describes its protagonists’ state of mind is “Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul”. Their journeying from the Bonneville salt flats to the hills of Galicia testifies how these craftsmen follow their passion wherever motoriding takes them.

Belstaff is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2014, plus a successful crowd-funding campaign which supported “The Greasy Hand Preachers” as a fully independent production movie. Executive producer Orlando Bloom presented the film at San Sebastian Film Festival. He will also host future screenings, including those in LA and NYC, early next year.