Three Belgian and three Dutch fashion designers – Helena Lumelsky, Katrien Van Hecke, Céline De Schepper and Jantine Van Peski, Natalie de Koning and Pauline Van Dongen, respectively – have all collaborated on a project called “High Fashion Low Countries” that brings together themes of sustainability, craftsmanship and innovation. The initiative was curated by Javier Barcala and Eve-Marie Kuijstermans, who believe that high-end fashion and environmentally friendly design can go hand-in-hand.

Set up by the Dutch embassy in Brussels, the project involves each designer producing a series of three silhouettes that link fashion with other trades such as diamond cutting and leather work. The result is a unique cross among the fields of sustainable fashion and future crafts, brought to life by a series of exhibitions, films, magazines, network meetings and seminars, as well as an open call for students.