After analyzing different specimens of the Beats by Dre headphone model 'Solo HD', the German foundation of wares testing (Stiftung Warentest) has detected strong quality defects in some of the unities, purchased at a German electronics store. Therefore, the organization suspects that it deals with a plagiarism.

The already mentioned headphone –with a retail price of around €150- differs in more than 60 points compared to other acquired units of the same model. Stiftung Warentest documents that employees of Beats have confirmed their suspicion and expects the manufacturer to comment on the incident. So far, Beats by Dre has not made any comments on whether the earphones are a falsification or whether the incident was caused by poor quality controls.

The potential plagiarism would have received the grade "mangelhaft" (deficient") for its performance, but wasn't considered in the overall test. But even the original was only awarded a "fair" -  whilst headphones passing the test with a "good" performance are already availalbe from €50.

Buyers can check the differences between the original headphone and the alleged plagiarism on the Stiftung Warentest webpage.

FIFA forbids Beats earphones to World Cup players

Dr. Dre earphones have recently been involved in another controversy. Apparently, international football players like Neymar, Luis Suárez and Bastian Schweinsteiger refuse to wear the free-of-charge Sony earphones that the company –sponsor of the FIFA World Cup- provided for media conferences or the trip to the stadium. Instead, they have been spotted wearing the Beats by Dre earphones. According to some media, the reason behind this lies in the fact that all these footballers were hired by Beats to participate in their latest advertisement campaign right before the competition started.

Finally, FIFA has decided to prohibit the use of Beats to all World Cup players during the competition, as Beats (recently acquired by Apple) is not sponsoring the event.