Karl Lagerfeld's supermodel Baptiste Giabicon steps into music business. Today his first album Oxygen will be released and exclusively sold through vente-privee. The 22-year-old grew up in Corsica and Marseille and after moving to Paris at the age of 19, was soon spotted by star designer Karl Lagerfeld and started his career in the fashion world.

Now Gaibiconi debuts as a singer with his first music video “One Night Out in Paris” already registering three million views. The album is a product of one year of working in London with Pete “Boxsta” Martin, who has also produced for Robbie Williams, Missy Elliott and the Sugababes.

Explaining his decision to release Oxygen on vente-privee.com, Giabiconi said: “I am very close to my fans. They support me immensely and Vente-privee.com was just a logical step that allowed me to reach a larger audience. My wish is that people from all generations will listen to and enjoy my album.”